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On the Laptop

We offer a wide range of consulting services that can assist anyone from the starting homesteader, to the experienced farmer. 

We have been there, done that, in most every farming situation. From dealing with setting up appropriate infrastructure on a budget - to doctoring up cattle, sheep, and hogs, we can help with it all, 

We can setup short-term to long-term homesteading operation plans within whatever budget you have available.  We are even able to help show you how to build barns and fences. 

Call or Email for pricing and availability. 


We are currently working on getting our equipment. We will be getting a tracked skid steer with a toothed bucket, bush hog, box scraper, hay spear, blade, and forks; so we should be able to do most of your grading, driveway repair, and landscaping jobs. 

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