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Who We Are

The overall goal of Pioneer Farmsteads is to provide locally grown beef for free to food-insecure families and institutions in our area.  Many families are able to secure some food assistance with non-perishable items, but families deserve, and need, to be able to eat healthier.  

We, through an extensive collaboration with other local farmers, collect donated live cattle, or feeder calves from the market, and finish the cattle; transport and pickup from processing; and deliver to our partners. 

We currently assist feeding families in 16 Western North Carolina counties, and have partnered with Manna Food Bank and Black Mountain Home for Children, Youth, and Families, who distribute all of our donated beef. 

Our ultimate goal is to glorify God and take care of the poor as Christ has commanded.  Our operation is founded on the Biblical principles of caring for those in need, and will do what we can to fulfill that mission. 

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