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 How we operate

Brown Cow

We have three primary areas of operation within our organization: 1) Obtaining Cattle; 2) Processing Cattle; 3) Distribute to cooperating agencies. 

Obtaining Cattle

In order to have cattle to process and donate, we have to get cattle.  This is where our local farmers and ranchers come in.  Through community centers, churches, and local Extension Offices, we have provided a means for farmers to offload excess cattle, while getting a tax-deduction, that is often higher than what they would cash-out with at market.  The farmers also don't have to worry about additional feed costs and transport costs with keeping the cattle. The cattle can range from bottle calves, young steers, or past-the-prime cows and bulls.  We provide all the necessary transport to pickup the cattle; and pasture, feed, and manage all the cattle till they are processed. 

A secondary method of obtaining cattle is by purchasing feeder calves or unwanted cattle at the market with donations. The majority of these cattle are day old feeder calves from dairy farms, and require to be bottle fed until weaned off to pasture.  

Processing Cattle

We get all of our cattle processed at USDA certified facilities, meaning that the beef is the same guarantee as what you buy at the store.  All of our beef is flash frozen, professionally vacuum sealed and labeled. We cover the transport to the processing facility, as well as the pick-up once the beef is ready to be processed.  We utilize a number of processors, some in different states, so that we always have availability to get cattle processed timely.


The same day we pick-up the processed beef, we arrange same-day delivery to either Manna Food Bank or the Black Mountain Children's Home. Prior to meeting with our distribution agencies, we inventory all of the beef, so that we can let the donor farmers know their meat yield and cut yields for their records. Both of our distribution agencies see to the final disbursement of the beef directly to the families in need. 

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