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Broken Boot Farms is owned by Jason and Kymberly Riley, two of the directors of Pioneer Farmstead, as a cooperating business to help the non-profit. 

At Broken Boot Farms, we provide high quality, grass-fed Dexter Cattle.  We provide cow/calf sales, steer sales, bull sales, and services with heavy equipment will soon be offered, as well as USDA certified beef.   

We also provide consulting services for those wishing to start their own homestead. We can help you determine how big, or small, of an operation your land can handle, as well as help identify and plan for important infrastructure.  We have extensive experience raising cattle, goats, sheep, and hogs; as well as raised bed gardening and rain water utilization. 

Broken Boot Farms also provides low cost equipment rentals (charging only overhead, no profit) to Pioneer Farmstead for the furtherance of their operations. 

The name of the farm, obviously people are curious.  The short 

and sweet of it all is that Jason can barely hang onto a pair of 

farm boots for more than a year.  Probably one of the biggest 

expenses the farm has to cover!

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